Barcode Label Request

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ASU departments must use a barcode on all of their outgoing mail and packages.  This barcode provides billing information for each department.

Effective June 21, 2018, all departments must use their new envelope barcode for outgoing mail.  Please use this form日本一本道a不卡免费 to request your new barcode which is composed of your cost center and program/grant/gift or project number.

You may order barcode labels to place on envelopes and packages if your barcode is not already printed on the item.  Each sheet of barcode labels costs $5 and contains 80 self-adhesive labels.

A few guidelines for barcode usage:

  1. Cross out or cover up any old barcodes.
  2. If you are mailing several letters at once you only need the barcode label on the front envelope.  All other envelopes within the bundle will be charged to the barcode label on the front.
  3. When you have a large tub of mail, place one barcode label on the top.  All mail within the tub will be charged to this number.
Requestor's Information
There are 80 labels on each sheet
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