Bike registration

ASU students, faculty and staff who bike on campus must register their bicycles. Registration helps bike recovery and may deter theft. 

Benefits of registration 

  • Aids stolen bike recovery. 
  • Card-access bike parking facilities on the Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses. 
  • Free set of bike lights.
  • Information about bicycling activities and events. 
  • Permit decal may deter theft. 

For questions about bicycle registration, call the ASU Bicycle Program at 480-965-4260. 

In-person registration 

Bring your bicycle and ASU ID card to any bike valet station or PTS office日本一本道a不卡免费 to register your bike and receive a sticker permit. 

Online registration 

You may start bicycle registration online by downloading the 529 Garage app; however, it is a two-step process. 

  1. Create an account with  and select 'register your bike for free.' Once you have selected this command, you will need to include: 
    • Bicycle type.
    • Frame color.
    • Manufacture.
    • Model. 
    • Serial number.*
  2. Bring your bicycle and ASU ID card to any bike valet station or PTS office to have your serial number confirmed and to receive a sticker permit. 

*Some areas where a bicycle serial number is found:

  • On the seat tube, head tube or down tube. 
  • Under the bottom bracket, it is stamped on the frame between the rear stay, often near or on the dropout.