Legislative Funding Request

Annually, as required by law (ARS 35-113), the universities must submit, to the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting, detailed budget requests that includes estimates of the financial requirements and of receipts, including appropriated and non-appropriated funds. Accompanying the annual submissions, which are transmitted through the Budget Development Information Exchange System (BUDDIES), are two paper copies of the request, one of which is provided to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) for analysis. 

The process for developing the General Operating Funds component of the request begins in late Spring with the ABOR issuance of General Operating Funds request guidelines. The ABOR guidelines generally expand on the budget guidelines issued by the Governor’s office to allow for the development and submission of requests for incremental investment from the state. Following ABOR review of the preliminary budget requests and approval of the final budget requests at the September meeting, the university requests are due to the Governor no later than October 1.

日本一本道a不卡免费In early January, the Governor convenes the legislative session and issues the Executive Budget recommendations.  The JLBC issues its Baseline Recommendations soon after. Arizona’s legislative session runs from early January through May, although the session can extend into June, and ends with the passage, by the House and Senate, of an appropriations bill that is forwarded to the Governor. The Governor may sign or veto the entire bill, or exercise selective line item vetoes.  University budgets typically are passed in the form of a lump sum, meaning the appropriation consists of a single dollar amount, thereby allowing the shifting of funds among line items, programs and subprograms without further Legislative or Executive Branch review.  Within the lump sum format, any program or Special Line Item may be listed separately.

日本一本道a不卡免费After the conclusion of the legislative session, the JLBC produces an annual Appropriations Report which documents the fiscal appropriations and the economic and state revenue forecast upon which the budget was based. The Report also provides information relative to the legislative intent of appropriations.

FY 2018 Legislative Budget Request (LBR) – BUDDIES
FY 2019 Legislative Budget Request (LBR) – BUDDIES
FY 2020 Legislative Budget Request (LBR) – BUDDIES
FY 2021 Legislative Budget Request (LBR) – BUDDIES