Cash handling training

Depositing university funds

Per FIN 305 and Best Practices日本一本道a不卡免费, employees who handle cash as part of their regular duties, or who supervise employees that do,  must complete the appropriate training within three months of hire and every five years thereafter. The listing below indicates the employees who have taken Cash Handling training online. This listing was compiled from the online database of those who have completed both the tutorial and the accompanying test. Names were entered on the list as they appeared on these sources. If your name has changed since you last took the training, check for your previous name. This listing is updated and published quarterly. It indicates the most recent date ASU Financial Services has on file of your training completion and when re-training is due. A few months before the five-year period is up, a reminder is sent about re-training.

Current listings as of Dec. 31, 2019

Email us with necessary list corrections.

Petty cash funds

Per FIN 403: petty cash funds, fund custodians are responsible for the physical security of funds and documentation maintenance of petty cash expenditures. ASU Financial Services developed an online training module for departments that utilize petty cash funds. consisting of a tutorial and quiz. Academic and administrative areas should incorporate the module into their internal requirements for petty cash custodians.