Chemical safety

日本一本道a不卡免费This website provides supporting documents and information support for you in lab safety and chemical safety practices. ASU Occupational Health and Safety provides support and guidance to faculty, staff, students, and other ASU community members in the development and implementation of appropriate lab safety practices and procedures.

A laboratory is a facility or room where potentially hazardous chemicals, biological agents, or sources of energy such as lasers, high voltage and radiation are used and scientific experimentation, research, or education occurs. See ASU Policy EHS 104. Each laboratory at ASU is required to annually complete a safety registration.

Forms and references

Printable Signs 

日本一本道a不卡免费Federal and state regulations require laboratories to post signs in particular areas and on various pieces of equipment to warn or caution personnel of hazards present. As a convenience, EHS has provided a list of common signs for use in your lab which meet the ANSI Z535 safety standard. Please print from the list below and post signs you need in your research or teaching lab.  


SOP templates 

The ASU CHP and the OSHA Lab Safety Standard specifically mandates that labs develop Standard operating procedures when laboratory work involves the use of hazardous chemicals especially for PHSs. PHSs are defined as select carcinogens, reproductive and acute toxins. If you are unsure if a chemical falls into one of these categories, check the chemical’s SDS and the container label. Email EHS if you have questions about the chemicals you intend to use.

For your convenience, EHS has compiled SOP templates for a particularly hazardous substance you may have in your chemical inventory. We also offer other SOPs for commonly used chemicals and a blank template.

If your lab contains corrosive materials and no eyewash and safety shower unit located inside the lab, please use the following SOP.

Please adapt these SOPs to your specific lab and use in your lab-specific training.