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ASU departments and schools may use ASU logos and trademarks in communications if they follow the graphic identity standards in the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide.

Departments and schools may also use their own endorsed logos approved by the Enterprise Marketing Hub. In addition, departments and schools may use any ASU other registered trademarks listed日本一本道a不卡免费 if the particular department or school controls the trademark.  


Departments and schools may use ASU logos and trademarks on promotional items, only if the items are obtained from an ASU licensed provider with an internal campus supplier license. All purchases must be for internal use only. Departments and schools are not authorized to sell ASU branded items but may give items away as prizes and promotional incentives. 

To order ASU branded promotional items, departments and schools may contact any of the ASU licensed providers with an internal campus supplier license listed in SunMart日本一本道a不卡免费 in the promotional items section. Each licensed provider must submit product designs to the Trademark Licensing office for review and approval before manufacture. Please allow time for this approval process. 

Employees and students are not authorized to modify, change or alter ASU trademarks or logos. 
Only the Trademark Licensing office may authorize use of ASU logos and trademarks. 

For information about use and licensing of ASU logos and trademarks, view the university policy or email the Sun Devil Brand Council.


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General Information

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