ISAAC Building Services


Electronic door access control, duress/intrusion and video security at Arizona State University is handled by ISAAC (Integrated System for ASU Access Control). ISAAC and your ASU ID Card日本一本道a不卡免费 work together utilizing door access technology included in the card design. It works with a smart card reader to identify and allow access to authorized users and physical contact between the card and the reader is not necessary. This allows access to designated buildings on campus with the permission of your departmental segment manager. The segment manager is a role assigned to an ASU staff member that can use ISAAC to establish permissions and alarms, schedule locking and unlocking of doors and elevators, maintain updated cardholders list and configure access levels.  who the Segment Manager is in your area.

To enter areas that you are authorized to access, just hold up your card up to the reader. You may be able to use the card from inside a holder, wallet or purse without removing it. The light on the smart card reader will turn from red to green signifying that access has been granted and the door will unlock. If this process does not work it could mean you do not have authorization, your card has expired, or the reader or your card could be damaged.

Getting started

ISAAC and Electronic Access Control - If you are interested in adding electronic access control to doors or elevators in your area, you probably want to know:

  • Who can help me develop a plan and get it implemented?

  • 日本一本道a不卡免费What will it cost to implement?

  • What about access cards and bio-metric access, how do I make sure that everyone who needs access has a card or can be recognized by the biometric readers?

  • 日本一本道a不卡免费Who will manage the system once it is implemented? (i.e. who will add, change and delete privileges for people to access the doors, set up automatic lock and unlock schedules, and so forth?)

For major building and remodeling projects, consult with the Physical Security Program Manager for your campus and the assigned CPMG Project Manager. They ensure the design incorporates the hardware, conduit and wiring necessary to accommodate electronic access. It saves money and simplifies on-going access management to group function with shared security needs and shared security management procedures together. 

For and project, start by contacting ISAAC and Transaction Services. They arrange a site survey that will result in the preparation of an installation quote and an estimate for on-going maintenance. Those who will be involved in installing or managing access should participate in the site survey. For small projects this will likely by you and any colleagues who can help define needs, someone from ISAAC Services, Lock Services or Facilities Management, and Netcom. For larger projects, project manager, project architects, engineers, contractors, and information technology personnel may also be involved.

If you decide to proceed with the project, you must issue a Purchase Order in the amount of the quote. ISAAC Services coordinates installation as needed with you, Lock Services or Facilities Management, and Network/Data Communications and any other vendor.

Access cards, fobs, bio-metrics

日本一本道a不卡免费In most cases, the ASU Pitchfork ID or Sun Card issued to a student or employee will be the access control device for door access. The Sun Devil Card Office can provide cards for those who need access, but not normally eligible for a Pitchfork ID or Sun Card:

  • Affiliate Sun Cards can be issued to individual contractors or other affiliates under the responsibility of a contracting or sponsoring department.

  • If it is not practical to issue cards to individual contracted employees because of large variable work forces or the access need is temporary, contractors may be issued generic contractor cards. A contractor card can be issued by a department or ISAAC and Transaction Services. Contractor cards are blank and do not have a picture or ID printed on the front. 

    • Contractor cards must be maintained with the accurate controls and authorizations

    • Departments and contractors are charged a fee for all contractor cards

If interested in devices other than the ASU ID card, consult with ISAAC and Transaction Services. The standard access control readers on all buildingshave capabilities that are compatible with some of these technologies.

Management options

日本一本道a不卡免费If you are implementing electronic access control in a high-risk area, a security review should be performed and possibly a risk assessment and emergency protocols will be needed. ISAAC and Transaction Services work with the appropriate safety and security personnel to assist in the proper guidelines and standards for your area.

日本一本道a不卡免费For building management, you need to appoint a full-time employee as your Segment Manager. This appointed person learns ISAAC use to establish permissions and alarms, schedule locking and unlocking doors. Contact ISAAC and Transaction Services for questions on how to become a Segment Manager. 

If you are part of an organization or area that already has a Segment Manager, you may be able to accomplish your goals by working with that person to obtain area access manager privileges or some other custom set of privileges.

Payment/budgetary options

日本一本道a不卡免费Who pays for what?

ISAAC and Transaction Services pays for the ISAAC servers and the server software.

All other costs associated with electronic access control are the responsibility of the units to whom the controlled spaces are assigned. This includes purchase, installation and on-going maintenance of client software licenses and locally-installed hardware; installations and maintenance of communication lines, ASU ID cards for part-time or student employees if required, and contractor cards if required.

Estimated costs:

New electronic access control options Budgetary pricing

Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, standard electrified access control components*,

wire run less than 100 feet


Existing head end with a need to expand, new reader, standard electrified access control components*,

wire run less than 100 feet


Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, electric CRASH BAR access control components*,

wire run less than 100 feet


New head end components–no current existing infrastructure–, new reader, standard access control components*,

日本一本道a不卡免费wire run less than 100 feet


* Typically include: door position switch, request to exit sensor, electrified handle and lockset, transfer hinge and programming.


New video camera installation Budgetary pricing
New outdoor camera, new outdoor IP camera, mount, video license, installation labor, two-year warranty $1,500–$2,500
New indoor camera, new indoor IP camera, mount, video license, installation labor, two-year warranty $1,300–$2,350
Century Link network drop $600–$1,200
ISAAC video management recording storage $100–$200 annually

*All cameras included comply with ASU approved standards and must follow ASU policy.