EHS training

EHS training raises the awareness of safe work practices, which is vital to prevent work-related injuries and keep Sun Devils safe. This webpage will assist with determining your training requirements and provide direct access to ASU Career EDGE for registration, enrollment and transcript history. Career EDGE is accessible to only users with an active employee affiliation. Other ASU affiliation and nonemployee volunteers must complete additional steps to gain system access. Access EHS Assistant to view training completed through June 30, 2019.

Employee training

ASU Career EDGE enrollment日本一本道a不卡免费 - Locate the course below and select Enroll to self-enroll for the desired online curriculum.

日本一本道a不卡免费Anesthetic gas safety -  

日本一本道a不卡免费Fighting heat stress -

Asbestos awareness -

日本一本道a不卡免费Fire safety -

ASU biosafety and bloodborne pathogens -

日本一本道a不卡免费Hazard communication

  • Non-lab personnel -
  • Police - 
  • The arts -

Authorized driver training -

Hazardous waste management - 

    Autoclave  -

    Hot work safety awareness –

    Bloodborne pathogens general awareness -

    Hydrofluoric acid safety - 

    Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU daycare centers -

    Incident investigation and report preparation - 

    Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Facilities Management trade-specific -

    Laboratory safety refresher - 
    Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Health Services - Ladder safety - 

    日本一本道a不卡免费Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU residence halls -

    Liquid nitrogen safety - Enroll

    Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Police Department -

    Machine shop safety - 

    日本一本道a不卡免费Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Sun Devil Fitness -

    NIH Guidelines - 
    Compactor safety – Office safety - 

    Compressed gas –
    Mentor verification checklist
    Both required for certification

    PAPR - 

    Cranes, hoists and slings –

    Radiation safety for ASU Police -

    日本一本道a不卡免费Dry ice shipper –

    Respiratory determination - 
    EHS ACIC Makerspace safety training– Respiratory protection- 
    Ergonomics for offices – Roof access - 

    Ergonomics for DACT –

    Supervisor safety training -

    Life safety

    ASU offers AED and CPR certification courses to support assistance in a medical emergency. Read more about AEDs.

    CPR awareness:
    A one-hour CPR orientation, including a lecture covering the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. An interactive, hands-on training to perform CPR on an adult, child and infant. This class does not meet the qualifications for CPR certification.

    Audience: Recommended for all non-campus health professional employees
    Experience level: Beginner
    Cost: Free
    Register with

    Stop the Bleed™:
    This one-hour class explains best practices for how to control and stop bleeding. Participants gain an understanding of safe practices for helping someone who is bleeding while protecting themselves. This combined lecture and hands-on course provides opportunities to practice packing wounds and applying a tourniquet.

    Audience: Recommended for all employees
    Experience level: Beginner
    Cost: Free
    Register with

    Life-safety certifications

    Basic first aid:
    日本一本道a不卡免费The three-hour basic first aid class teaches participants how to recognize when someone needs medical assistance. The scenario-based examples explore how to treat someone using first aid.

    Audience: Recommended for all personnel
    Experience level: Beginner and recertification
    Certification: Two-year first aid certification
    Cost: $30 per person
    Register with

    Basic life support:
    The four-hour class is designed for healthcare professionals and covers the recognition, treatment and care of sudden cardiac arrest patients. Participants receive coaching on how to perform CPR properly on adults, children and infants. Students also learn to properly perform abdominal thrust and how to properly put a patient in the recovery position. The class also covers the use of a bag and valve mask and oxygen delivery.

    Audience: Recommended for healthcare professionals and recertifications&
    Experience level: New healthcare professional and recertification
    Certification: Two-year certification
    Cost: $50 per person
    Register with

    CPR and AED:
    日本一本道a不卡免费Participants who pass this class receive a two-year CPR certification card from the American Safety and Health Institute. The three-hour class details how to recognize sudden cardiac arrest, the proper performance of CPR on an adult, child and infant and covers how to perform abdominal thrust on someone who is choking.

    Audience: Recommended for all personnel
    Experience level: Beginner and recertification
    Certification: Two year CPR certification
    Cost: $30 per person
    Register with

    Sun Devil Fitness Centers also offers CPR and AED and first aid certification. View upcoming training dates and read more about certification on the SDFC webpage.

    New employee info

    On behalf of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, welcome to Arizona State University. ASU strives to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the University community and its employees. To facilitate such an environment, employees are required to attend certain mandated safety training depending upon specific job classification or duties.

    Completion of the Fire Safety training is required for all employees upon hire and annually after that. Also, due to the specific nature of your position or duties, completion of additional training classes may be required before the assignment of work duties. Please consult the Training Determination Tool for further requirements.

    Health and safety training determination

    To determine which safety training courses are required and recommended based on the work being performed, please consult the Training Determination Tool日本一本道a不卡免费. Use this tool in consultation with your immediate supervisor concerning your work duties to determine and automatically create your training plan.

    Please email us日本一本道a不卡免费 if you have any questions.

    Special course request

    By request, additional training arrangements can be scheduled for groups of six or more. For more information, contact the EHS Program Coordinator at 480-965-1823 or email EHS.

    Biological safety

    Biosafety classes by arrangement

    • All instructor led Biosafety and Biosecurity training sessions provided by arrangement.

    • 日本一本道a不卡免费CDC select agent and toxin training sessions must be arranged.

    • Email日本一本道a不卡免费 to schedule a class.

    Radiation safety

    Radiation producing equipment

    • Required for individuals who want to procure, or need access, to analytical x-ray equipment, accelerators and other ionizing radiation-producing equipment. Topics include the ASU radiation safety organization with outside research partners, procurement, hazards, registration and surveys.

    Radioactive material

    • Required for people working at or visiting ASU who procure, use, or dispose of radioactive materials. Topics include procurement, accountability, instruments, surveys, hazards, disposal and emergency response.


    • Required for anyone working at or visiting ASU who will be operating Class IIIb or IV lasers. Once you register, an eye exam form will be emailed to you.


    To schedule radiation training, fill out the training request form.

    Student training

    日本一本道a不卡免费Students who need to access EHS training for course work must register in for instructor-led training and enroll in Canvas for online training. Employees and volunteers must not access training on this page.

    Canvas online training enrollment - Locate the course below and self-enroll for the desired online curriculum.


    Anesthetic gas safety 

    EHS ACIC Makerspace safety training

    Animal Biosafety

    Fire safety
    ASU autoclave training Hazard communication for the arts 
    ASU biosafety and bloodborne pathogen training Hazardous waste management
    Biosafety and bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Student Health Outreach for Wellness Program | S.H.O.W. Laboratory safety refresher
    Bloodborne pathogen general awareness Machine shop safety

    Compressed gas

    Mentor verification checklist

    NIH recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids

    Visitors and volunteers

    Visitors and volunteers are welcome to participate in EHS offered training. In some cases, ASU sponsors may require it. Nonemployee ASU affiliations, including volunteers and visitors, must complete to obtain sub-affiliate status and a Career EDGE security role. Once Career EDGE access is granted, you may visit the Employee training tab to self-enroll. If still unable to access the desired training system, please submit a .  

    Department personnel such as sponsors, managers and volunteer coordinators should work with the department HR liaison to obtain sub-affiliate and security role, per this , for those who must complete the training in Career EDGE.     

    Additional forms and information

    日本一本道a不卡免费Volunteers and minors may have additional forms that are required before completing the training. 

    Visitors to ASU

    • Instead of completing EHS training, visiting employees or scholars from other universities or organizations may submit equivalent training transcripts from their home university to EHS.

    Volunteers at ASU

    • To determine the courses required and to register for the required safety courses by job function, access the ASU EHS Training Determination Tool.

    • Volunteers in research labs are required to receive lab-specific safety training from their sponsor.

    • Volunteers must have completed the form and submit it to ASU Risk Management in compliance with the EHS 705-08: University Volunteer Insurance Coverage policy. 

    • Volunteers working at the direction of a university employee for official university activity are provided insurance coverage for liability for acts and omissions by state law but not workman's compensation.

    Minors in the laboratory