Financial Operations training and resources

This webpage provides trainings and finance-related resources related to areas and actions controlled by financial operations managers and other university employees. Your position and responsibilities determine if you need to learn about certain ASU financial policies, processes and rules.

Accounting and procurement

  • Financial Controls: This workshop provides resources and information for employees with accounting or purchasing duties in ASU's academic, research and administrative departments.
  • Purchasing Rule Book: This training teaches you how to purchase goods and services on behalf of ASU.
  • Travel: My ASU TRIP is available for use for faculty, staff and students traveling on behalf of ASU. Access work instructions and video walkthroughs on all common tasks in the system.

Cash and credit card processes

  • Accepting Credit Card Payments -- Becoming a Merchant: Your department must be established as a merchant site through one of our banking contracts to accept credit cards. This process takes approximately three weeks. Page includes a presentation on the process of accepting credit card payments.
  • Cash Handling: This training teaches you cash handling responsibilities and policies.
  • Petty Cash: This training provides a basic knowledge of ASU's petty cash process. The BlackBoard training covers establishing a petty cash fund, disbursements, reimbursements and closing out a petty cash fund.

Financial system

  • : This is the financial system of record at Arizona State University as of July 2, 2018.


  • Departmental Reporting Tools: Access links to web reports, dashboards and other reporting tools.
  • : Search for payroll reconciliation to begin the training registration process for this classroom format training. The payroll reconciliation training specifies the requirements needed to fulfill when reconciling payroll expenses and provide an overview of the dashboard reports.  Training demonstrates how to complete payroll reconciliations with the payroll reconciliations dashboard reports.



Michael Baumert

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Rachel Braten

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