ISAAC services

 Integrated System for ASU Access Control is the standard system for ASU access control and video security. This program provides services for electronic door access (in tandem with your ASU ID card) and video security for all campuses via a decentralized active engagement of departments and their interest in security for people, assets and areas.

Card access control

The ASU ID card日本一本道a不卡免费 has door access technology included in the card design. It works with a smart card reader to identify and allow access to authorized users without any physical contact between the card and the reader. This allows access to designated buildings on campus with the permission of your departmental Segment Manager. who your Segment Manager is.

To enter areas for which you have authorization, just hold up your card to the reader. (You may be able to use the card from inside a holder, wallet or purse without removing it.) The light on the smart card reader will turn from red to green signifying that access has been granted and the door will unlock. If you are having issues with door access please click on (for Students), or Service Now日本一本道a不卡免费 (for Staff)

Segment managers

A segment manager is a role assigned to a full-time staff member at ASU. They are tasked with administering access for their assigned segment along with a set of additional responsibilities.

日本一本道a不卡免费A segment manager plays an important role for their department by providing embedded local administration for ISAAC controls. Segment managers also play an important part in the community and meet regularly with the ISAAC & Transaction Services staff as well as their peer community of other segment managers.

Service requests

For help with any of the issues below, staff members please click on the ISAAC and Transaction Services button under Departmental Technology Services on the , and select the ISAAC and Transaction Services日本一本道a不卡免费 box and complete the form. Students can go to the  on your homepage or contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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