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The Lean Six Sigma environment relies on tools and templates to systematically remove waste and reduce variation. The Organizational Performance Office privies process improvement tools for the Arizona State University community to use while pursuing process improvement initiatives. The articles tab provides background information on Lean Six Sigma concepts and instructions on how to apply them to improvement projects. The remaining tabs provide tools to assist for each phase of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology.

OECoP Presentations 

The Organizational Excellence Community of Practice is for all university faculty and staff who perform or have an interest in process improvement, organizational development, change management and project management.

The purpose of this Community of Practice is to bring people together to:

  • expand business networks
  • present methods, tools and industry best practices in the disciplines listed above
  • promote the use of improvement, development and project management methods throughout the university
  • share ideas and information about improving services and operations university-wide
  • work together to discuss and solve operational issues

The Organizational Excellence Community of Practice meets quarterly and access to previous OECoP powerpoint presentations can be found below.

August 2017, OECoP Presentation

November 2017, OECoP Presentation

February 2018, OECoP Presentation 

May 2018, OECoP Presentation

August 2018, OECoP Presentation

November 2018, OECoP Presentation

May 2019, OECoP Presentation


The Define Phase is the first phase of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. An outline of the project is created through the Project Charter and customer needs are address through process mapping.

Process Map Template Low Level

Process Map Template Medium Level

Project Charter Template


日本一本道a不卡免费The Measure Phase is the second phase of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. A baseline for the process is determined and a data collection plan is developed.  

Control Chart Template


The Analyze Phase is the third phase of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Data analysis and process analysis converge to determine root causes and enable data-driven decision making. 

Cause and Effect Tree Template 


日本一本道a不卡免费The Improve Phase is the fourth phase of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Solutions are developed through brainstorming and process changes are deployed within a structured improvement effort.

FMEA Structure 


日本一本道a不卡免费The Control Phase is the fifth and final phase of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. A monitoring plan is developed to continuously measure the process and sustain improvement gains.

FMEA Structure