The Organizational Performance Office

The Arizona State University Organizational Performance Office works within Business and Finance to create a structured approach to improve the operations and services of the ASU community. The office uses Lean Six Sigma, operations management, and customer service management to enhance interdepartmental workflows. 

The OPO supports operations to develop and implement business operations and practices to drive service excellence by addressing these four critical areas:

  • develop goals that align with the unit’s strategy and analyze performance metrics
  • develop long-term organizational strategic plans
  • enhance employees’ abilities to identify and achieve operational performance
  • improve processes to meet university service and performance requirements

Vision and mission

Our vision:

To be the gold standard model for operations improvement organizations in higher education.

Our mission:

The OPO aims to lower costs and improve operational efficiency within the university’s operational units to provide the highest-quality customer experience. The office leads projects, trains staff to employ effective strategic planning, continuous improvement and project management methods and provides tools and resources necessary for staff success.

Service catalog

Strategic planning

  • assist departments with writing and execution of strategic plans
  • create vision, mission and value statements
  • develop goals, objectives and tasks
  • facilitate strategic planning meetings and activities
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

Operational Assessment

  • assess departmental, unit and process readiness for process-based improvement activities and transformation
  • benchmarking and adaptation of ideas for ASU’s work environment
  • identification and application of best practices for ASU


  • measurement systems analysis and implementation
  • metric development
  • reporting development

Operations improvement

  • consult on departmental projects
  • consult on implementation of operations improvement programs and change-management efforts
  • educate the ASU community about operations improvement
  • facilitate organizational change management
  • Lean Six Sigma and standard project execution
  • offer training in Lean Six Sigma, project management and change management
  • provide resources for improvement practitioners
    • resources include books, templates, videos and a breakthrough improvement kit
  • train leaders to lead, employ and evaluate improvement and project management staff

Employee capability

  • assist units and staff with training and development resources
  • knowledge, skills and abilities assessments for employee work roles, process and departmental needs
  • performance standards development and implementation

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General Information

General Information

Clayton Taylor, MBA
Director, Organizational Performance
Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
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Alan Rogers
Business Process Analyst, Organizational Performance
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
日本一本道a不卡免费Business and Finance Support Services – Organizational Performance Office