Postage Stamps Request

This form require an ASUrite login to access and submit the form.

All stamp purchases are to be ordered through ASU Mail Services using the Stamp/Postage Request form below. This form should be completed to include stamp quantity, denomination of stamps, and justification for use of stamps.

日本一本道a不卡免费Please take note of the following guidelines regarding the use of postage stamps:

  • Stamps should be used by campus departments only for occasional, urgent mailings.
  • Purchasing postage directly from the U.S. Postal Service or other outside vendors should occur only under extraordinary circumstances and requires the advance written approval of ASU Mail Services per PUR 401-09.
  • Departments or individual employees acting on behalf of a department may not purchase postage stamps via the Internet or establish electronic postage usage via the Internet on behalf of ASU.
    • This prohibition ensures that ASU postage funds are used for ASU business mail only.
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Forever Stamps
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Attach a receipt of purchase for postage or postal services only if you did not use ASU Mail Services for the purchase.
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