West campus

Frequent commuters to the West campus may choose among three permit options; motorcycle, single-occupancy and sustainable.  Daily and hourly options are available across campus. 

ASU encourages the use of sustainable transportation through discounts and services, such as bike, campus shuttles and public transit on light rail and Valley Metro Busses.

Motorcycle permit

Motorcycle permits all for parking in designated motorcycle stalls in non-visitor lots on all four campuses. Any moped, motorcycle or scooter that has a VIN number and is required to be licensed with the Department of Motor Vehicles must display a valid ASU motorcycle parking permit when parked on ASU property. 

Visitors traveling by motorcycle may park in any available metered space or vehicle stall on visitor surface lots but must pay the posted rate. See daily and hourly parking options. 

Surface lot-only motorcycle permit

If you purchase a motorcycle permit but occasionally need to bring a vehicle to campus, you can display your motorcycle permit in your vehicle on a conversation tag and park in Park Zone Lot日本一本道a不卡免费. Conversion tags may be obtained, free of charge, at any campus PTS office. 

Single-occupancy vehicle permit

日本一本道a不卡免费Sun Devils can choose to purchase an annual or fall semester-only permit. These permits are most cost-effective for students, faculty and staff who plan to be on campus three or more days each week. Display your hangtag permit facing outward from your vehicle's rearview mirror. Vehicles with permits that are not visible may be cited. 

Parking permits for structures use a loop system. The permit allows for one entry and exit at a time. Sharing a permit to avoid hourly parking rates may result in a citation, facility fees or loss of parking privileges. 

Permit options 

  • Lot 7 or Lot 17.
    • 2019–2020 permit year price: $480.
  • South Zone — 1, 2, 3 or 20.
    • 2019–2020 permit year price: $360.
  • North Zone — Lot 10 or Lot 11. Residence Hall only — .2
    • 2019–2020permit year price: $280.
  • Park Zone.*
    • 2019–2020 permit year price: $210.*
  • Evening only — West campus multi-location.1
    • 2019–2020 permit year price: $180.
  • Eco-Pass3 — Lot 10 or Lot 11
    • 2019–2020 permit year price: $60.

1Valid in all West campus permit lots after 4 p.m., except Lot 19. Not valid for cross parking.

2Valid only on the West campus in Lot 19. Valid for cross parking at other ASU campuses.

3Eco-Pass offers eligible ASU students and employees with a U-Pass, Platinum Pass or registered bicycle 30 all-day in and out parking privileges at a designated parking lot or structure. Purchase in-person at a campus PTS customer service office. Quantities limited.

日本一本道a不卡免费*All permits, except Polytechnic campus Evening and West campus Evening permits, are valid in this location at all times.

Sustainable permit  


日本一本道a不卡免费The Eco-Pass allows for 30 all-day in and out parking privileges for an entire permit year in a designated parking lot or structure. To purchase the Eco-Pass, a Sun Devil must be one of the following:

  • A Platinum Pass or U-Pass holder. 
  • A registered bicyclist.
  • Part of a carpool group with an HOV permit. 

The Eco-Pass offers Sun Devils who usually take an alternate form of transportation to campus the flexibility of being able to park on campus on infrequent occasions at significant savings. 

Eco-Passes can be purchased for the following parking facility:

  • North Zone lots.
    • Price: $60 | Savings: $300.

Eco-Passes must be purchased in-person at a Parking and Transit Services customer service office. Eco-Pass cannot be billed to one's student account or paid for via payroll deduction. 

HOV permits

Share the ride to campus. Permit holders who carpool to campus may exchange their annual parking permit for an HOV permit in the same location. A customer must purchase a permit for an HOV-eligible facility before applying for an HOV permit日本一本道a不卡免费. Perks of a carpool permit include:

  • Divide the cost of a regular permit — division of cost is handled by members of the carpool group.
  • Each individual within the HOV group, other than the primary permit holder, is given three, all-day validation tickets to use in visitor parking structures on days when carpooling is not feasible. 
    • Additional validation tickets may be purchased by HOV group participants in-person at any campus PTS customer service office. 
  • Individuals who are part of HOV groups are eligible to purchase an Eco-Pass. 
  • Park in specially marked spaces that are typically located on the ground level of a parking structure or located close to the parking facility's entrance. 

HOV permits are available for:

日本一本道a不卡免费For more information on the ASU Trip Reduction Plan, call Parking and Transit Services at 480-965-6124. Visit Maricopa County's for additional information. 

View the news section and for updates about parking availability and events that may affect your route to campus. 



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