Employee recognition program

日本一本道a不卡免费The Employee Recognition Program reinforces ASU's culture and supports its objectives. This program promotes and perpetuates our shared values of excellence, innovation, continuous improvement, creative expression, peer recognition, collaboration across departments and disciplines, use-inspired outcomes and community spirit.

These awards and celebrations provide the university and employees with opportunities to recognize and celebrate the commitment and contributions of ASU employees.

“Through the efforts of ASU employees, we are creating one of the greatest learning environments ever established anywhere. I appreciate the commitment and significant contributions demonstrated by our university employees, and I support the opportunities we have to acknowledge and celebrate the individual and collective accomplishments of our colleagues. ”—Michael M. Crow, ASU President



Sun Devil Service Award Luncheon: 日本一本道a不卡免费Faculty and staff with 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of continuous service and those who retire with 25 or more years of continuous service to ASU are invited to a luncheon hosted by the President's Office each spring.

President’s Recognition Ceremony: 日本一本道a不卡免费Recipients of this year's President's Award for Innovation, President’s Award for Sustainability, President's Medal for Social Embeddedness and Top Multiple SUN Award designations are honored at a private award ceremony and dessert reception hosted by the President's Office each spring. .

Employee Recognition BBQ: An annual celebration held quarterly on each campus to recognize the contributions and years of service of faculty and staff. Sponsored by the Office of the President, the Office of Human Resources and the ASU Staff Council. Learn about upcoming employee appreciation barbecues from the Staff Council events calendar.

Retirement certificate: Departments may obtain a retirement certificate and holder for employees who are retiring with five or more years of continuous service to ASU. Visit ASU Print Online and enter Retirement Certificate & Holder in the search field to begin the process of ordering a certificate. Contact ASU Print and Imaging Lab日本一本道a不卡免费 for additional questions about ordering a certificate. 

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