HR recruitment advertising

ASU Recruitment and Selection Department in the Office of Human Resources have exclusive partnerships with many advertising vendors. This enables ASU to expand our reach for quality candidates with diverse backgrounds. ASU departments and colleges find that promoting their recruitments through a variety of media creates more qualified responses to their job postings and a stronger return on investment as they search for top talent. Contact us日本一本道a不卡免费 to find out how you can find quality talent through advertising.

Advertising costs

Chronicle of Higher Ed - $435 for 60 days online - $125 for 30 days online
Craigslist - $45 for 30 days online LinkedIn - $150 for 30 days online
Dice - $300 for 30 days online Monster - $150 for 60 days online - $125 for 30 days online AZ Central - Job Network - $125 for 30 days online