Hiring Process FAQ

The ASU Police Department ONLY accepts official application materials (consisting of a resume and cover letter) submitted for posted positions advertised through ASU’s Human Resources online application portal. If you need assistance, contact ASU’s helpline at 855-278-5081.

日本一本道a不卡免费Qualifications vary by position, and are included in each posting. Please review page 3 Section R13-4-105 of the . These qualifiers are applied without exception to all candidates for Officer positions, and are used as guidelines in hiring other department personnel.

If you have questions, please contact the ASU Police.

Police Officer Recruits must be 21 by the time they complete a 4 month long police academy. There are no upper age limits for any positions.

日本一本道a不卡免费While on-duty, working off-duty or otherwise representing the department, all personnel are prohibited from exposing a tattoo or brand anywhere on the body which is obscene, sexual, racial, religiously discriminatory, unprofessional or offensive, regardless of its location.

日本一本道a不卡免费Excessive visible tattoos are prohibited. Excessive is defined as covering 1/3 of an exposed body part.

Command staff personnel retain final discretion when determining the appropriateness of exposed tattoos.

Tattoos in violation of this policy are required to be covered while on-duty or while representing the department and/or University.

Facial Hair:
Moustaches shall: be neatly trimmed, not extend downward from the corner or edge of the mouth, and not hang below the upper lip.
日本一本道a不卡免费Police Officers and Police Aides in uniform shall not wear a beard or goatee while on duty.

Please review the AZPOST Minimum Qualifications for Appointment日本一本道a不卡免费 (Section R13-4-105). These qualifiers are applied without exception to all candidates for Police Officer positions, and are used as guidelines in hiring other department personnel.

日本一本道a不卡免费The length of the hiring process depends on a number of variables including the type of position for which you are applying, the steps involved, and your availability. General hiring timelines for each entry level position are as follows:

  • (Lateral) Police Officer: 3-4 month process
  • Police Officer Recruit: 4-6 month or longer process depending on the timing and availability of academies
  • Police Aide: 3-4 month process
  • Police Radio Dispatcher and Police Records Clerk: 2-3 month process

日本一本道a不卡免费If you do not meet the minimum qualifications, you may receive a system email within a few minutes of submitting your application materials. Otherwise, all application materials are reviewed after the application deadline, and the most highly qualified applicants are invited to participate in the first step of the hiring process within a couple of weeks. You may be contacted by either phone or email (be sure to check your spam folder).

The physical assessment requires applicants for ASU Police Officer Recruit  and Certified/Lateral Police Officers  complete:

  • A 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes 20 seconds
  • A minimum of 27 sit-ups in one minute
  • At least 18 pushups in one minute

Those who pass each of the physical requirements advance to participate in the written assessment.  Police Aides physical assessment requirement includes a 1.5 mile walk within in 30 minutes.

ASU Police Radio Dispatchers and Police Records Clerks do not have a physical assessment.

Police Officer Recruits written assessment: ​​​​​

  • We will be using the National Police Officer Assesment Test.
  • This is a timed test divided into four sections; arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar, and incident report writing.
  • You will have 1 1/2 hours to answer 75 questions. 

日本一本道a不卡免费Candidates must score 70 percent or higher on each section. Candidates are notified of their results same day or the following day via phone or email.

Police Radio Dispatchers written assessment must complete a one-and-a-half-hour computerized assessment of memory recall, typing proficiency and multi-tasking.

Police Records Clerks do not have a written assessment.

ASU doesn’t provide any assistance for travel or relocation expenses, however we do partner with  to assist candidates in all phases of their recruitment and relocation—from initially showing you the area and answering critical questions, to helping you find the right home (should you receive an offer and join the ASU Police Department).