Qualified tuition reduction program

This program allows a reduced in-state tuition fee for credit courses at ASU, NAU or UA.

The following people are eligible for the reduced fee:

  • 日本一本道a不卡免费Benefits-eligible employees, their spouses and dependent children

  • 日本一本道a不卡免费Eligible retirees, their spouses and dependent children

    • 日本一本道a不卡免费Complete at least five years of continuous, full-time employment in the Arizona University System immediately preceding retirement,

    • Be at least age 50 - or 41 if PSPRS member,

    • Be receiving a retirement annuity under an Arizona university-sponsored retirement program and

    • 日本一本道a不卡免费Not have been involuntarily terminated from employment by the university for cause.

  • Long-term disability participants who had at least five continuous years of employment immediately preceding separation, their spouses and dependent children

  • Certain employees of affiliated units, their spouses and dependent children

  • Eligible spouses and dependent children of deceased employees.

日本一本道a不卡免费This program is not available to domestic partners and their dependent children.

Download a qualified tuition reduction program form or pick one up at the HR Employee Service Center. Note: From HR forms日本一本道a不卡免费, click on the S-U tab, scroll down to the tuition reduction program section and pick the correct form - there are three.

Learn more about eligibility, credit hour limits and fees.

If you have questions, please contact Ask HR.

Institutional merit-based Aid

Learn how the Qualified Tuition Reduction program can effect eligible students' institutional merit awards. 

Grandfathered domestic partners and their families

Same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners and their family members who have been certified by the Provost’s Office prior to Nov. 1, 2014, are eligible for the ASU Tuition Program. Elizabeth King in the Provost’s Office can assist you with your inquiries and tuition reduction forms only日本一本道a不卡免费 for your grandfathered domestic partners and their families. 


The waiver amount for undergraduate classes is not taxable as long as the student is enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

Employees who are enrolled in graduate level programs are subject to taxation on any level of class when the discounted tuition amount exceeds $5,250 within the tax calendar year.

The full amount of the tuition discount on any level of classes taken by eligible family members who are enrolled in graduate level programs is taxable to the employee. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the information at the bottom of the Tuition Waiver form.

In general:

  • 日本一本道a不卡免费Spring waiver taxation begins in March

  • Summer waiver taxation begins in August

  • Fall waiver taxation begins in October