Sustainability Certification Program

ASU’s Sustainability Certification program offers ways for the university community to contribute to ASU’s sustainability goals. Participants are guided through a variety of sustainability tasks centered around energy, waste and water. You, your team or your department can receive a certification.

Certification Designed for: Students Faculty Staff Renewal Requirement
Classroom Faculty, instructors and teaching assistants   X X Annual
Housing On-campus residents and off-campus residents X X X Annual

日本一本道a不卡免费Lab Managers, Lab Coordinators, Researchers, Principal Investigators

  X X


Office Departments, offices, work units.    X X Annual
Shop Campus trade shops     X Annual
Sport Varsity teams and intramural teams X   X Annual
Student Event Any student who takes part in event planning X     Per event
Staff Event Planner Any staff or faculty who take part in event planning   X X

Per event (Annual for trained 



日本一本道a不卡免费 to enroll in the ASU Sustainability Certification Program. 

The Sustainability Certification Program is on Canvas and participants can self-enroll by following the link above. Once in Canvas, participants can choose a certification, review the certification assessment criteria on the module welcome page, utilize the Resource Toolkit, and take the certification assessment. The Resource Toolkit can also be used as a guide to learn and implement new sustainable practices. Certification can contribute towards the sustainability core expectation on annual performance evaluations.