Unmanned aircraft systems

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems policy日本一本道a不卡免费 applies to all Arizona State University students, faculty, staff and guests who plan to operate a UAS or drone. 

This includes, but not limited to:

  • An ASU unit that is contracting or hiring with a third-party to provide UAS services. 
  • Any person operating a UAS on or above university property. 
  • ASU students, faculty or staff who will operate a UAS in any location, whether on ASU property or not, as part of their university employment or ASU activities or special events. 
  • The purchasing of a UAS with funding through ASU, including university accounts, grants or ASU foundation accounts. 

Access request 

Anyone wishing to operate a UAS, drone, or model aircraft is required to obtain approval from Risk and Emergency Management prior to operation. 

To request permission, individuals should:

  1. Complete an . 
    • Requestors must include a copy of their Federal Aviation Administration UAS certificate of registration, flight plan diagram and remote pilot's license. 
  2. Non-ASU affiliates must sign a Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk Agreement
    • Along with the items outlined in step one, non-ASU affiliates must also include a completed agreement and a copy of the certificate of insurance within the request. 
  3. All documents and forms are reviewed by Risk and Emergency Management.
    • If approved, the requestor will be notified and issued a permit. 
    • If denied, a representative from Risk and Emergency Management will connect with the requestor to discuss their initial request. 

All documentation and forms must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the requested flight date. 

Contact Risk and Emergency Management with questions. 


日本一本道a不卡免费UAS operators are prohibited from monitoring, photographing or recording areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. 

These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing or dressing rooms.
  • Employee offices.
  • Health treatment rooms.
  • Laboratories. 
  • Locker rooms.
  • Private residential properties. 
  • Restrooms. 
  • Student housing facilities. 

日本一本道a不卡免费Written approval is required to operate a UAS in such areas and must be included within the request form. 

When filming with a UAS on or of university property, please visit ASU's Enterprise Brand and Marketing Guide for proper photography and videography guidelines. 

Reporting issues

If you witness a drone operating dangerously or potentially without a proper permit, please contact the ASU Police Department on the non-emergency line at 480-965-3456 to report the observation. 


ASU policy
EHS 707: Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones

Visit the following webpages to obtain additional information about UAS guidelines and operating procedures. 


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  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport | . 

Federal Aviation Administration 

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