Vehicle Insurance

Owned and Leased Vehicle Insurance for Foreign Travel

日本一本道a不卡免费University-owned vehicles used for international travel are provided the same coverage as with domestic travel. However, due to variations in the local laws of some foreign countries, it may be required to purchase local insurance. The traveler must confirm local requirements and purchase appropriate coverages as local law requires and ensure adequate coverage is in-place. Liability and property insurance coverage shall be purchased by the traveler for any leased/rented vehicle used in international travel.

Mexican Insurance

Mexican authorities do not recognize insurance policies from the United States. Risk Management Section maintains a Mexican automobile, aircraft, and general liability insurance policy which covers university employees traveling in Mexico on authorized university business. Only university owned vehicles are covered for automobile liability and proof of insurance must be maintained in the vehicle at all times. Proof of insurance can be obtained prior to any trip to Mexico from ASU Insurance Services.