Employee Wellness engages individuals in preventative health care practices in the workplace. Contact Wellness Program Manager Liz Badalamenti if you have questions about current wellness offerings.

Certified healthy departments

日本一本道a不卡免费ASU Employee Wellness distinguishes departments committed to supporting employee well-being as a certified healthy department. We encourage the ASU community to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace for all employees.

2019-2020 certified healthy departments

  • ASU Health Services, Polytechnic
  • Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience, Downtown Phoenix campus 
  • CIDSE Academic Advising Center, Tempe campus 
  • Disability Resource Center
  • School of Earth and Science Exploration, SESE 

How to participate in the program

Join us on this work-to-wellness journey through the certified healthy department program. Your participation helps us assess awareness, engagement and interest in future employee wellness programs. The program helps foster a culture of well-being and provides support for program coordinators to meet department wellness goals.

  1. Announce your desire to remain a certified healthy department at your next staff meeting and assess your department’s interest in pursuing this recognition.
  2. Inform colleagues they will be required to complete a less than 10-minute anonymous survey to evaluate their current awareness and departmental engagement of wellness initiatives within a two-week timeframe.
  3. Remind colleagues a 75% participation survey completion rate is required for certification.
  4. Send ASU Employee Wellness an excel spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of your employees to send Qualtrics surveys.

Contact Liz Badalamenti at for inquiries.

Wellness tool kit

Welcome to the employee wellness tool kit.

Departments looking for ways to enhance the culture of wellness in the workplace can use this monthly template to focus your efforts, share information, adopt activities and improve your staff’s overall knowledge about wellness. Themes focus on improving physical activity, engaging in preventative healthcare practices and leading healthy lifestyles.

To get started:

  1. 日本一本道a不卡免费Identify a departmental wellness champion for the year or semester. This individual will coordinate and communicate monthly activities.

  2. See the wellness calendar below.

  3. Determine activities and themes your group wants to adopt.

  4. 日本一本道a不卡免费Get started.

Tips for a successful launch:

  • Ensure participation in each activity is voluntary.
  • Keep it simple, stick to one theme per month. Make it fun and keep wellness on the agenda all year long.
  • Remember everyone has different wellness goals. Not everyone will be interested in every activity, article or challenge.
Wellness calendar Theme Activities Download Bonus resources

New year, new you

日本一本道a不卡免费What is your health goal?

  • Create a board in the kitchen or common area and post your goal. 
  • Determine a wellness theme for your annual retreat.  
  • Establish a team goal. Example: Organize a mini health screening this year.

HIP日本一本道a不卡免费 can help you stay on track. 

February Heart health
  • Choose a local organization to support or connect withChangemakers.
  • Engage in a department volunteer project this month.



March Take a hike
  • Adopt a day for a group walk during the month.     
  • Make your next meeting a moving/walking meeting.
  • Plan a group outing to go hiking.
  • Start a walking challenge in the department.


April Mission nutrition
  • Adopt or create an office policy for healthful eating during meetings. 
  • Collect staff cookbook about healthful dishes.      
  • Healthful potluck parties. Bring a dish to share and your recipe on an index card. 
  • Place a bowl a fruit or vegetable of the week in your common area.

Mindfulness and mental health
  • Build a recognition wall in your department office to post gratitude notes. 
  • Consider a Sun Award.
  • Surprise coworkers, neighbors and community members with random acts of kindness. 


日本一本道a不卡免费Mobile apps: 


June Hydration station      
  • Purchase water bottles for the department. Attach a message to the water bottles with Sip Smarter and include the link to hydration strategies. 
  • Put infused water in a common area of your office for everyone.  Choose fruits and herbs such as cucumbers and mint; lemon and strawberry or pineapple and basil. Consider changing the infused water combination weekly during June.  

July Mid-year review 
  • Develop a leader board to track and highlight healthy behavior across the unit.  
  • Identify and create a healthful behavior your group wants to focus on for the rest of the year. 
  • Leverage social support to keep you going.
  • Share your accomplishments and inspire others.

Schedule a . 

Log your HIP日本一本道a不卡免费 points for the first half of the year 

August Summer snacking
  • Challenge your team to adopt a meatless lunch and share the recipe.  
  • Host plant-based pot luck.

Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

September Stress management
  • Bring in games, coloring books, markers, puzzles and yoga mats to practice de-stressing.   
  • Consider hosting a half-day retreat dedicated to decluttering your workspace.  




October Flu? Not you


Establish October as-fight-against-flu month.

  • Bring disinfectant, hand sanitizer and tissues for all to use. Attach messages about the importance of good handwashing.
  • Share campus flu shot schedule with all employees and post information in a common area.


November Diabetes prevention 


日本一本道a不卡免费Consider a 30-day department challenge.

  • Bring your lunch for the month. Or, do a soda-free challenge.
  • Participate in a weight-loss or physical activity challenge.



December Holiday happiness
  • Donate your time and volunteer.
  • Identify a team project, group donation or volunteer activity. 

Watch . 

Work-life balance

The ASU Office of Human Resources provides these additional services as part of its Wellness and Work-Life Balance offerings.


relocation services will help you relocate to the Phoenix metro area, whether you are looking to buy or rent a home in the area.
Email Laurie Becker or call 602-388-8070, ext. 803.


  • A community legal resource that can help find answers to questions about the law.
  • At this not-for-profit teaching law firm, experienced attorneys supervise new attorneys to provide reasonably priced legal services in the areas of family law, business matters, estate planning, non-profit, consumer law, deficiency actions, landlord-tenant, employment, criminal defense and veterans' services.
  • Schedule up to a 30-minute legal consultation for a $40 administrative fee. Get referred to a licensed and insured attorney. There is no fee for select personal injury claims, workers' comp, DUI or social security disability, excluding overpayment cases.
  • from the Arizona Attorney General to help state residents with decisions on healthcare issues.

Other services